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Our History

1961 – 1970

Diversified Steel Products Mfg. Ltd. began as a hope and a dream many years ago. 1961 is the year it all began with Richard and the late Eugen Teske as the leading force behind the young business. Along with their parents Amanda and Rudolph, they opened the "Teske Brothers Welding & Blacksmithing", and took any job they could to get the company off the ground in their small shop off Whyte Ave in Old Scona.

Hard work and determination allowed them to purchase the 92nd Street location in 1970, (under the suggestion of a family friend, Art Pohl) and the name "Diversified Steel" was adopted so as to encompass the wide range of products that were and still continue to be manufactured.

1970 – 1980

It was in 1971 when the first Easy-Level Equalizer Hitch was manufactured and by 1981, all of the hard work began to really pay off. Employees, including some that are still here today, joined our team, more equipment was acquired, and Eugen left the company to move on to new pursuits in 1980.

1980 – 1990

The West Coast Branch was opened in the early Eighties to service our BC and U.S. neighbors. Warehousing British Columbia was purchased in 1998 after leasing for some time beforehand. The increase of space was necessary due to expanding of manufacturing other products for the RV industry such as the Super Fifth Wheel in 1987.

1990 – current

Business was going better than ever, but not without its setbacks. In 1992, thieves broke in and raided the shop of tools and machinery, and the office of computers and other equipment. Not long after this, in 1994, fire destroyed 1/3 of the manufacturing plant. After the initial devastations, it seemed like it was a blessing in disguise, as entire upgrades were made. The modernization of systems improved the quality of the product and streamlined processes.

As the children grew into and some out of the company, it became more necessary to understand how to make our family business work. Therefore, in 1996, the Teske family joined C.A.F.E. and in 1998 they started with their Strategic Planning with the assistance and patience of Fisher Langford Jones & Associates. A Board of Directors, with an outside advisor, was established in December 2000. In 2001, the Teske family was one of the first families in Canada to take part in the Roadmap Course and are in the process of maintaining a Family Council. The Teske family appreciates the support that their continued involvement in C.A.F.E., through Technical Breakfasts, Evening Sessions, and P.A.G. (Personal Advisory Groups) and symposiums.

It was a banner year in 2002. In the spring, Diversified opened it's Powder Coating facility and after several years (and several dollars later) 2002 finally marked the Registered Trademark of DSP in Canada. In the fall succession was finally a reality, with the retirement of Richard, who although is retired, can still be seen around plant on occasion to provide the necessary stewardship. The Management Group has moved forward with the new leaders and strong determination.

The Teske family remains the heart of DSP in the lead roles with Darlene as President, Brian as VP of Marketing/R&D and Katja as the Human Resources Manager/CSR.

"We take pride in how we can contribute to our community (through customers & suppliers) and of course, to the lives of our people. Our hope of passing on strong, sound values to the next generation is also a motivation towards continuing our Families Legacy!"

— Darlene Teske